WordPress Unveils Its Most Affordable Website Building Option Yet


Building the website of your dreams may soon be easier than ever thanks to a new WordPress update.

The website builder has launched a streamlined platform that costs just $5 a month, offering managed WordPress hosting and unlimited site traffic for what it calls “a breakthrough price.”

WordPress Starter seeks to provide a mid-tier option for users that sits between the company’s current premium Pro offering and its basic free option.

WordPress Starter

“From building your audience with a blog to sharing your business, design, expertise, or experiences with the world. If you’re looking to make your work visible and visual, the Starter plan has you covered. “, wrote WordPress. in his ad (opens in a new tab).

Subscribers to the new platform will have access to a wide selection of tools to help them set up and customize a website, from custom .com domains instead of the company’s basic wordpress.com offering. .

When creating their site, users will benefit from 6 GB of storage for their photos and assorted images, and will have access to Google Analytics by default alongside WordPress’ own tools. The company says this partnership will give website owners much greater visibility into who is visiting their site, what content they are interacting with, and more.

For those looking to dive into the world of e-commerce, WordPress Starter will provide access to a number of useful payment tools and platforms, including a payment button block that offers a quick way to accept payments and set up subscriptions with Stripe. They will also have access to the Donations Form block for accepting tips and donations, and the Premium Content block for the ability to sell one-time, monthly, or yearly premium content.

WordPress says it will also soon introduce a range of add-ons that will partner with Starter to give users “an extra boost”.

The news could be a welcome addition for WordPress users upset with the company’s recent pricing changes. (opens in a new tab).

In April 2022, the company introduced major price changes without warning, replacing all of its paid plans with a single Pro plan costing $180 per year with no option to split the costs monthly, a facility previously available with older plans.

WordPress had also drastically reduced storage on its free plan, from 3GB to just 500MB, so the new Starter plan might prove popular with those looking for a bit more space.


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