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The White House was pressed Thursday to find out if someone involved with the Obamacare website, which has seen a difficult deployment, is involved in setting up the site being launched to help people access COVID-19 test kits. .

President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced a series of measures to tackle the new omicron variant, including this new website to order free home test kits.

“There are a lot of ex-Obama workers here,” Fox News’s Peter Doocy began. “Will anyone who was involved in the creation of HealthCare.gov be involved in the creation of this new website?”


White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who was on President Barack Obama’s White House staff, interrupted Doocy’s question about the other alumni to joke, “I don’t know of any.”

“I don’t know all of the staff details regarding the creation of the website,” she replied. “What I can tell you is that we have planned for the website to be ready when the tests start to be ready. And the website will ensure that the tests are available in a fair manner and that they will be achieved with a easy access.”

The Biden administration has been faced with questions about why COVID-19 testing has been so difficult to obtain, as new variants brought the pandemic back to life after vaccines appeared to bring back a sense of normalcy.

Psaki said the administration had “taken bigger steps than any country in the world” to increase testing capacity. But Psaki herself had to apologize from the podium Tuesday for previously mocking the idea that the government should send people testing.

But the new test website will be under close scrutiny. When HealthCare.gov was rolled out as part of the Affordable Care Act implementation in 2013, the site crashed frequently as people sought to sign up for new health care plans.

The failed website launch has become symbolic of Obamacare’s struggles, as the health care law contributed to the loss of 63 seats in the Democratic House in the 2010 midterm elections. Obamacare remained under the water in public polls until an unsuccessful attempt to repeal the law under former President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress in 2017.


Dealing with the pandemic has been a highlight for Biden in the public eye, as he won last year largely on his promise to beat the virus.

But those numbers have taken a hit since reluctance to vaccinate and new variants disrupted plans to turn the page on the pandemic, leaving Biden in a precarious position as cities adopt new COVID-19 restrictions months after. have lifted them.

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