What is the easiest website builder for beginners? Top picks compared

You won’t find an app store as part of Zyro’s service, which means there really aren’t many integrations that could be bundled with a Zyro website. Email marketing is also missing, although Instagram marketing is included.

Zyro’s limited functionality is not the same as having no functionality at all – Zyro actually has a small group of unique features that might appeal to users that won’t be found on any of the other options we list here. . So what are they?

First there is a AI writerwhich will automatically populate your website’s written content – you’ll definitely want to give it a fact check after you’ve generated it, to catch any inconsistencies, but this tool means you’ll be able to craft engaging writing far faster than you couldn’t otherwise.

Another unique perk is the Zyro logo maker, which can help users create their own logo for a new storefront. The results are similar to the AI ​​Writer tool, but with a visual twist. Finally, there is a heat map analytics feature, which allows Zyro users to determine which pages are attracting the most website visitors and how interested those visitors are in hanging out.

Is Zyro easy to use?

Zyro’s biggest weakness might be its biggest strength – the service’s reduced functionality compared to big website builders like Wix and Squarespace makes it easier to use. Users can build a website faster and faster when their options are more limited.

Check out our Zyro vs Wix comparison guide for more info.

If that sounds like overwhelming the site with low praise, we can also confirm that Zyro’s interface is beginner-friendly as well, with a grid-style layout that our researchers found comprehensive and usable.

There is, however, one usability issue that we have to ding Zyro for: there is no onboarding process, which would have greatly reduced the intimidation when a new user settles in to understand the website builder and how it works.

An additional advantage to save money with the already low-cost service: Use code “TECH” to save up to 71% and connect for just a few dollars a month. And, if you’re on an annual plan, you might be eligible for an additional four months of free hosting, a free SSL certificate, three months of free business email, and a domain, all for free.

1&1 Ionos – Ideal for multilingual websites

1&1 Ionos is a bit of a mixed bag, with some features that might seem perfectly easy for beginners and others that will appeal to more advanced users. However, its templates aren’t the newest on the market, and its blogging interface leaves a lot to be desired. The server response time was the fastest in our tests, so your website will be very responsive. However, marketing features are sparse, with no support for pop-ups or social media feed collections.


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