Welding Industries Australia enlists Sana Commerce to create an e-commerce website


B2B e-commerce platform Sana Commerce has launched a new integrated e-commerce website and customer portal for welding solutions manufacturer Welding Industries Australia.

Sana Commerce created the website to strengthen Welding Industries Australia (WIA) online and to provide access from product details and prices to ordering, invoicing and after-sales support.

It will provide customers with additional self-service features and real-time data on prices, products and services.

Serving Customers Anywhere, Anytime
WIA’s decision to roll out a new site with Sana Commerce was made when it became clear that there was an opportunity to further improve the company’s level of customer service.

“We had a separate customer portal and website that used Expression Engine as a back-end,” comments WIA’s IT manager. Tim Melbourne.

“We could see that there would be significant efficiency benefits for our customers if the two resources became one.”

The company also decided to upgrade its existing Dynamics Navision ERP platform and adopt Dynamics365 Business Central. This would support the switch to Sana Commerce.

Sana Commerce Cloud – the solution for out-of-the-box integration
WIA’s IT team looked at alternatives to create a single, integrated site for customers.

“Initially, we looked at the possibility of creating a bespoke website that would pull details from multiple ERP data warehouses and provide them to clients,” Melbourne said. “However, it quickly became apparent that this would be a very complicated exercise that would require high ongoing maintenance and could risk providing incorrect product details to customers.”

In May 2022, WIA decided to deploy Sana Commerce.

“We could see that Sana was able to provide the functionality we needed to combine the website and portal into one platform,” Melbourne added. “We could also see that it could easily deliver a website out of the box and also had tight integration with Business Central.”

“It was clear that Sana Commerce would give us the ability to provide the look and feel of a customer portal within the website itself while leveraging real-time key business logic from ERP, which was very attractive.”

Work on the new website has already started. The WIA IT team expects the new site to go live for customers in March 2023.

Streamline business operations
The website is intended to improve customer satisfaction, allowing customers to access all the information about the products they are looking for, create quotes, track orders and manage their account.

“This, in turn, will free up our customer service team to focus on other value-added activities and find additional ways to improve the customer service experience,” Melbourne said.

In addition to new equipment orders, the new integrated site has the potential to eventually allow customers to order spare parts and make warranty claims. It will also offer the possibility to start online credit applications.

“Overall, we will benefit from streamlined business processes and operations with our deployment of Sana Commerce Cloud,” Melbourne said. “As a company, we aim to be best-in-class, and the path we’re now taking with Sana Commerce will help us achieve that goal and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Sana Commerce responsible for APAAC Marcus McNamara when it comes to a successful offer, being able to provide accurate data to customers is essential.

“The new e-commerce platform will allow WIA to leverage accurate real-time data, including customer agreements, stock availability, pricing and promotions,” he said. “By fully integrating with their Business Central ERP, they can provide buyers with a ‘single source of information’.

“In other words, they can display the data and logic that resides in their ERP directly on their Sana website, without the risk of duplications, interruptions, delays or manual synchronization.”

“Providing accurate and reliable information will help strengthen relationships with their customers and improve the accuracy of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities,” he concluded.


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