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Voog is slightly different from other web hosts. Most of the best website building platforms focus on ease of use and simplicity – in short, providing a service that even the least technical home user can handle. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it might leave more advanced users wondering if the builder has the horsepower they really need. Voog is simple and straightforward, but the website also highlights its many business users – businesses, developers, designers and more – when you navigate to its landing page.

Professional extras include support for up to three website languages, full access to CSS and HTML, API and developer tools for deep customization and an online store.


Here is an overview of Voog plans and prices (Image credit: Voog)

Packages and prices

Voog offers a 30 day free trial, and you can easily undo at the end if you need to. The free trial is a great way to try out any of the plans before committing to an annual membership. There are three main plans on the Voog website.

The Standard package is $ 9.32 per month and comes with SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and website scans. The downside is that this plan doesn’t include your own domain. However, this is a great plan for anyone starting their own blog or posting a portfolio.

The Plus Package costs $ 15.15 and includes your own domain name, unlimited pages, SEO tools, and the ability to create an online store. It also comes with up to 20 GB of storage space and you can add an unlimited number of contributors.

The Premium package is $ 45.44 per month and comes with all of Voog’s most important features. You have access to personalized SSL certificates, a redirection tool and unlimited storage space. This plan works great for anyone running a larger business or wanting unlimited storage for an online store.


Interface allows easy browsing of models (Image credit: Voog)


Even when you start to explore the interface, it remains very compact. Tap the Add button at the bottom of the screen to display small icons for the eight widgets you can add to a page: text box, image gallery, video, map, form, area integration, a social bar and a Buy button.

It’s a lot more basic than some of the big names in the competition. Wix, for example, has a plethora of galleries, buttons, frames, forms, and more, all displayed with thumbnail previews to help you find what you need. Voog is much more streamlined and lets you do more tweaking and customization to get the effects you need.


Editor is a powerful feature (Image credit: Voog)


Our favorite feature provides an easy way to work on the site with others. You can send invitations to friends or colleagues and give them editing rights on the project, allowing teams to collaborate in a secure way (no more password sharing). This could be a very attractive feature for many business users, and it is not a feature that you will often find elsewhere.

The Voog editor does its best to stay away, a welcome approach that brings all kinds of benefits. There are no complicated menus to confuse newbies, no overweight toolbars taking up valuable screen, and you can browse your model as if it were a finished website. Clicking on a menu link doesn’t give you fifty navigation options, for example – it just takes you to the linked page.


Easily customize the templates to make your website more personal (Image credit: Voog)

The editor gives you some control over the layout. Objects can be placed one above or below the other. The images are a bit more flexible and Voog lets you place them in different parts of the page, but it does take a bit of getting used to: when you drag a photo, the sections are highlighted in blue to indicate where she will find herself. When you move the mouse left or right, you can ask Voog to place it on either side of a section of text, for example.

A nice touch is the support for multiple languages. In seconds, you can configure your site to, for example, support English, French and Spanish. These options are available from a menu, or you can even instruct the site to automatically detect the language from the visitor’s location.

The competition

There are plenty of website builders out there – Jimdo, Squarespace, and Vistaprint are just a few. Website builders sometimes have a hard time blogging, and even basic tasks like adding a new post can take some work. Voog avoids this in the easiest way: once you’ve chosen to add a new post, all you have to do is enter your content on the page where it will be displayed. There are boxes for your title, snippet, body copy, tags, and more, and you can complete them like any other web page element.

Voog’s sophisticated text control gives you plenty of options, as we mentioned earlier. You can set the font, styles and alignment of the text, enter lists, insert tables, images, videos, maps, etc. If that’s not enough, you can add any of the components you can include on a standard Voog webpage: galleries, forms, social buttons, etc.

Final thoughts

Voog’s easy-to-use interface and powerful editing tool make it an ideal website builder. The 30-day free trial is ideal for anyone who wants to try Voog and try out the models. The plans are more expensive, but the interface is fun and easy to navigate. This is an ideal website builder for anyone new to sharing ideas online.

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