U Mobile’s updated website now shows its upcoming 5G network coverage in Malaysia


U Mobile earlier this month launched new U Postpaid plans which are 5G ready with up to 1TB mobile internet data in Malaysia. Now, it looks like the telecom company is even closer to signing up for 5G as its official website now shows U Mobile’s upcoming 5G network coverage in our country.

The network coverage map, searchable here now has a new option to show “5G network – Coming soon” alongside 4G network and future coverage options. By selecting this option, you can see areas across Malaysia where U Mobile will provide 5G network coverage in the near future.


Unsurprisingly, the areas are all in the Klang Valley, from north to the outskirts of Serendah south of Putrajaya. However, the telecommunications company has yet to officially announce when it will offer 5G connectivity to its customers or which devices will be supported.

During the launch of the aforementioned U Mobile Postpaid plans, the company declined to comment on its 5G network rollout in Malaysia. Additionally, U Mobile also stated that issues are still being discussed with DNB and other stakeholders regarding the general rollout of 5G in our country.

Earlier today, we announced that the MCMC was meeting today to decide on certain conditions regarding the deployment of 5G in our country. As it stands, the final deadline for the six telecom operators including U Mobile for the 5G service agreement with DNB is August 31, 2022.

So what do you think of the upcoming 5G rollout by U Mobile and other major telecom operators in our country? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave for more engaging tech news from Malaysia and beyond!


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