Top Picks for Best Restaurant Website Builder in 2022


Choosing the Best Website Builder for a Restaurant – Our Methodology

While researching and compiling the best restaurant website builder software, we had to develop a fair and balanced set of criteria to evaluate the competitors. Here’s how we did it:

Ease of use

All good restaurant website design software should streamline website creation process while being easy to use themselves. Complicated sites with clunky interfaces and design can turn off potential customers, and the same goes for builders of overly complex websites. After all, not everyone is an experienced website designer, and chances are that users of this software have turned to it precisely because they are complete beginners in the field.

In addition to keeping things simple, the best restaurant website builder should make your flashy new site scalable for screens of all sizes. Best-in-class applications to manage design processing and tweaking things on the go is also a big plus.


For a success in line ordered company, you will have to integrate your restaurants website with good e-commerce and marketing platforms. You will need a POS system to automatically accept and process orders and payments. Ideally, you should also be able to integrate your site with platforms that accept in line reservations, create in line menus, let you read restaurant reviews and earn points for free meal.

Excellent restaurant websites should also enable marketing integrations with apps that automatically pull Instagram and Facebook posts or mailing lists to push guest data and manage your customers. Integration with tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics will allow your website to get insights and reports about your target audience and their behavior. This will make management in line easier campaigns.


Have a flashy website with all possible integrations will make no difference to your in line restaurantt presence if customers cannot find you through their to look for engines. A good restaurant website builder should help you with your SEO efforts. Remember that around 75% of internet users never click past the first page, making your site visible is therefore essential to its success. With this in mind, we looked for software with a SEO policy and guidelines for users unfamiliar with to look for optimization algorithms.

SEO-optimized sites have built-in tools that constantly monitor and modify your site to help keep it relevant to Google. They should be able to edit meta titles and descriptions, change URL slugs, add H tags, and install apps that will help you rank better and drive organic traffic. Some platforms offer keyword density and conversion tools or the ability to hire SEO experts to optimize your site.


Good restaurant sites are always nice to look at and invest in building unique aesthetic. If you choose to hire a web designer to to create your website starting from scratch will get you a custom solution, but it will cost you an arm and a leg. If you wish to avoid this, you will appreciate it if the website builder could provide restaurant-friendly templates with pre-installed menus. Having a high-quality template isn’t enough, as you’ll probably want to customize it. The software we’re looking for should offer a diverse collection of artistic designs and templates along with top-notch yet simple editing tools.

No matter how good the template is, you might want to edit and customize it. When you to create a restaurant website, you will need a flexible drag and drop editor which will allow you to add images, logos and maps, change the color palette, theme, style and fonts. A good restaurant and e-commerce website builder will allow users to easily manage content from their dashboard. Also, there should be integrated menu layouts, blocks you can customize, or at least one native menu application.

Additional Features

We have already covered some of the most important features: SEO tools, templates, editing and design tools and integrations. To streamline the process of creating the best restaurant sites, website builders should offer a comprehensive setup wizard to guide you through the process. Marketing tools like email marketing, built-in analytics that track visitor demographics, and built-in social media buttons are also a big plus.

E-commerce solutions which offer payment processing, inventory tracking, product descriptions, etc., facilitate the payment and delivery process. For orders, it would be highly appreciated if the website the manufacturer offered a configuration for ordering by telephone, SMS alerts for new appointments, and a booking app. Finally, mobile-friendly sites with editing tools that let you tweak while you’re on the go get extra points from us.


what same best restaurant website builder is it worth it if its customer support isn’t well organized and friendly? We expect products to at least offer email support and have a dedicated FAQ section on the site. Community forums, live chat, or better yet, a dedicated phone support line are not mandatory, but certainly increase the appeal of the software considerably.


Our meticulousness review process includes some of the the best free restaurant website builder platforms about. Most of the companies we reviewed have a free plan or at least a free trial to try before purchasing the full product. However, if you know in advance that you will need more robustness SEO and marketing or e-commerce tools, you might want to look into the premium options available. Here, the pricing system becomes a factor. As such, we also include pricing in our review methodology as a criteria to help you choose the best restaurant website builder for any budget.


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