This mobile website builder could give you everything you need in minutes


There’s a new website builder specifically targeting content creators on Instagram and TikTok, with built-in e-commerce and monetization features. Beacons promises to provide “a website that can track your content” and comes with a list of tools to help social media stars monetize their production.

On the surface, a site built by Beacons looks like those simple “link in bio” web pages that often accompany Instagram accounts. However, Beacons also provide users with the ability to receive donations, collect subscriber emails, accept paid requests, and enable affiliate purchases. Collectively, this means it offers a good number of e-commerce services that social media influencers can tap into.

Like most website builders, Beacons values ​​simplicity above all else. When creating a website on the platform, users are asked a series of yes/no questions which are used to create a landing page. This is filled with configurable “blocks” that can contain features like email marketing solutions, social media integration, or the ability to embed video content.

Revenue generation

However, where Beacons really want to stand out is through their list of monetization options. The platform has four revenue-generating tools, including one that takes fan requests for personalized content, one that allows website owners to accept donations, and another that offers digital downloads. The fourth solution is a TikTok shopping feature, which allows users to recommend products and add affiliate marketing links alongside their TikTok videos.

Beacons may have entered the website building market at the right time. Social media platforms have long been able to attract large audiences, but only recently have they explored ways to monetize their popularity. TikTok has just announced plans to enter the e-commerce space, and WhatsApp and Instagram have recently been looking at ways to entice businesses to use their platforms.

As a new solution, beacons might be better placed to appeal to younger audiences using social media to shop and earn money. Although the platform offers its tools for free, it also offers a premium plan that comes with a custom domain name for $10 per month.

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