Small Businesses Can Get Hack the Hood’s Website Design for Free


Hack the Hood, an Oakland-based nonprofit, is offering free web design services to small businesses and nonprofits in the Bay Area this summer. Participants in Hack the Hood’s upcoming Hustle: Tech Foundations program, which is free, will design and build websites for eligible businesses.

“These are young people who sometimes don’t have access to their own laptops or those expensive tech boot camps, so we’re providing a $500 stipend and a laptop,” said Ayana Ivery, senior manager. communications from Hack the Hood. Participants are local BIPOC youth aged 16-25. “I think it’s crucial that the tech industry not just focus on making money, but on using technology for good.”

The deadline for small businesses wanting a new website or website redesign is Wednesday, June 15. Applicants must be able to afford the domain name and hosting service and commit to at least two meetings with the Hack the Hood team to share website and later requirements. get a referral to their final website.

Founded in Oakland in 2012, Hack The Hood offers a variety of tech-skills-building programs for youth and communities of color. The organization’s other two programs, Build: Data Science and Drive: Your Career Pathway, build on the core technical skills participants learn through the Hustle Tech Foundations initiative. Last year, Hack the Hood partnered with Oakland Public Education Fund and Intel to teach 50 students from McClymonds High School and Oakland Technical High School basic tech skills.

Through the Hustle Tech Foundations initiative, the organization hopes to give young people a chance to practice their tech skills while helping small businesses that have little or no digital presence.

“We like to focus on building our local economy,” Ivery said. “We understand that small businesses don’t necessarily have the resources to employ someone to fill that need, so they often take on the task themselves.”

Ricky Rodas is a member of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Class of 2020. Prior to joining The Oaklandside, he spent two years reporting on Bay Area immigrant communities as a reporter for local news sites Oakland North, Mission Local and Richmond Confidential. Rodas, who is Salvadoran American and bilingual, is on the Oaklandside team through a partnership with Report for America, a national service program that places reporters in local newsrooms to report on issues and communities. undercovers.

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