Optimal Strategix Group launches a new brand image and a new website


NEWTOWN, Pennsylvania, December 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Optimal Strategix Group, Inc. (OSG), a globally recognized leader in journey, experience and customer engagement technologies, today announced the rebranding of the company. The Optimal Strategix Group rebranding represents the company’s continuous innovation and communicates its success story in using its behavioral science and AI / ML-based technology solutions to drive smart growth, from knowledge to customer engagement. OSG has helped businesses turn their data into actionable, intelligent results while driving customer-centric growth.

The rebranding positions Optimal Strategix Group as a leader in technologies that help improve customer experience and drive customer engagement. The company’s unique intellectual property, ASEMAP ™, provides a deep understanding of past and future customer expectations. OSG’s technology helps extract, integrate and refine data, while personalizing predictions and delivering real-time engagement and growth.

“Our business has changed dramatically over the past few years,” said Dr. Sukumar, CEO of Optimal Strategix Group. and IA / ML. “

The Optimal Strategix Group logo brings a new visual identity, characterizing the brand as innovative, clean and unique. The new logo with purple letters turning into a blue-green gradient arrow symbolizes the intelligence that powers their technology, driving business growth for their customers.

The new font and fresh colors reflect a dynamic, passionate and dedicated approach to their clients. Groupe Optimal Strategix gives priority to the success of its clients. It helps companies analyze their customer data, understand what drives behavior and intelligently grow their brands.

OSG is a global provider of technology and analytics that drives customer engagement for its Fortune 500 clients using cutting-edge AI / ML-based analytical technologies and world-class global resources. OSG uniquely combines historical data with the future needs of our clients’ patients, physicians or consumers by going beyond the “who” and “what” and understanding the “how” and “why” Behind their decision making. OSG focuses on the 3Es – behavioral expectations, superior experiences, guaranteed engagement – to help drive growth through customer focus. Visit us on osganalytics.com

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