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NORTH ATTLEBORO – Residents may soon find it easier to find their way around Town Hall 00, which is virtual.

City manager Michael Borg told councilors this week that a new version of the city’s website could be up and running by the start of the year, in a bid to “make doing business with the city easier.” .

While Borg said discussions continued on what the revised site should look like, “we want to make sure it makes sense and flows.”

The city’s current site – – includes a home page with municipal announcements, including notices of available jobs, upcoming events and, this week, links to preparation notices. of nor’easter.

There are also a wealth of links to city councils and departments, email addresses and phone numbers for officials, and multiple city documents – from an explanation of the budget to the city charter.

However, residents and some city officials have complained from time to time that the website is difficult to navigate.

Borg said improving the “problematic” website has been a priority since hiring in 2020.

At Monday night’s city council meeting, Borg responded to comments from Councilor Andrea Slobogan’a that her ad hoc subcommittee on transparency and public engagement seeks to make information more accessible to the public. , including on the North TV cable channel and website. .

“We’ve already started a redesign and redesign of the website,” Borg said, along with more social media activity and working with cable officials on live streaming of government meetings and others. city ​​activities.

“We are exploring issues of how to make the site more searchable,” he said, as well as making online forms more usable.

Borg said a revision has already returned to the drawing board. “We have already been in contact with designers,” he said. “We want to make sure it has the features that residents need. “

He said he was optimistic the site could be deployed by January 1.

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