Launch of the myGov app preceded by a new look of the website


“The latest updates to the myGov website mean it has the flexibility to adapt to meet people’s information needs and preferences in the future.”


Since its launch in 2013, myGov has become Australia’s largest authenticated platform, connecting to government services including Medicare, the Revenue Service and Centrelink. It has more than 25 million linked active accounts and an average of one million logins per day, according to the Albanian government.

But the service has been criticized for being unfriendly to users, with notification emails that simply tell users to log in through the website, and convoluted information pages that don’t always specify where to go to fill out forms. required. The previous Morrison government launched a $200 million overhaul of the service led by Deloitte, Accenture and IBM.

For now, Shorten said users don’t need to download anything or configure anything to use the new version of myGov.

“People can use their current information to log in securely, and all of their personal information and related services will be there,” he said.

“Improving myGov will be an ongoing process and there is more to come, but for people who choose to use the services online, these initial changes will help make using myGov a better experience.”

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