How to Create and Share Custom Domain Challenges in the Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity Event


The Divine Ingenuity event is finally here in Genshin Impact version 2.5. Players can now create their own domains and share them with other members of the community.

Apparently, the Liyue Adventurer’s Guild discovered a strange realm that can transform. During the pre-quest, Honglang informed the traveler that he could change the domain and get the Adventure Coin.

Here’s a quick guide to creating and sharing custom realm challenges in Genshin Impact 2.5’s latest event.

How to Unlock Custom Domains Feature in Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity Event

First, players must be Adventure Rank 28 or higher to participate in the Divine Ingenuity event. Additionally, they must complete the Archon quest – “Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches”.

If travelers meet these criteria, a new world quest will automatically be added to the quest menu. They will need to talk to Katheryne from Liyue and then visit Honglang.

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It turns out that five predefined areas will gradually unlock. Before starting the actual challenge, Honglang lets the traveler use their imagination to modify the predefined domain.

The objective is to collect the adventure coin which has been placed on several square platforms. One can place up to four Electrogranum thunder spheres to collect the coin.

As soon as players complete the first preset Domain Challenge, a Custom domains option will be added to their event menu.

How to Create and Publish Custom Domains in Genshin Impact

Players can register a maximum of five custom domains at a time. Before placing the lands, mechanisms, traps and blessings, they must select the base domain.

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Basic domain designs include:

  • Townhouse
  • long corridor
  • back lane
  • stacked tower
  • Square arena

Destination and adventure coins are the two main components of any custom domain. Participants must reach their destination within the time limit or collect all available Adventure Coins.

Traps inflict elemental DMG, and mechanics help travelers avoid them. Additionally, blessings can provide movement speed buffs and jump boosts.

Afterwards, players can save their domain. However, before releasing it, they must complete the challenge themselves.

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Publishing your own realm and playing a realm built by other players grants Primogems and other rewards in Genshin Impact’s Divine Ingenuity event. Therefore, players shouldn’t be limited to predefined estates that grant 70 Primogems upon completion.

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