GoDaddy GoCentral 2021 Website Builder Review


GoDaddy: the not so good

Unfortunately, the GoDaddy website builder has more negatives than positives. Unlike Squarespace or Wix, for example, GoDaddy doesn’t just focus on building websites, and compared to those rivals, it has some drawbacks.

Restrictive editor

While the GoDaddy editor is intuitive to use, it seems slightly restrictive. There just aren’t the same number of options for customizing your site as on Wix, for example. There are not the same number of font choices; the total number of elements is surprisingly small and the models are slightly oppressive.

You can add custom code to your site, but only in the specified custom code elements. The original model code also cannot be changed, unlike some of GoDaddy’s competitors.

There is also no mobile editor. You will be able to see what your site will look like on mobile, but you will not be able to make any mobile optimized changes.

Few applications

There is also a general lack of apps. You’ll still be able to find Google Analytics tracking or OpenTable reservations, but compared to Wix and Weebly, GoDaddy’s app selection is sparse to say the least.

Lack of support options

While GoDaddy has excellent 24/7 phone support, it lacks the support options that have become standard practice for other website builders.

There is no live chat or email support. GoDaddy’s knowledge base is also sorely lacking in depth compared to other website builders.

Blogging System

GoDaddy’s blogging platform is extremely basic. The functions that one would expect as standard are simply not present. You cannot, for example, change the font in a blog post (this is controlled by the website-wide style), you cannot add H2 or H3 headers to split the text and you can’t even add hyperlinks. You can only add images or text separators

This could be due to GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting platform which would be better suited if you wanted to blog and use GoDaddy. But GoDaddy isn’t the only WordPress hosting company, so that’s really no excuse for the under-prepared blogging platform.

Lack of versatility

GoDaddy is so focused on building websites for businesses or online stores that it almost makes no sense to try and build any other kind of website. Blogs, as we mentioned above, are almost useless, as are online portfolios.

This is due to the lack of non-business oriented elements and the restrictive editor. These will limit the ability of anyone trying to create a site with even a minimum of originality or creativity.


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