Free website connects people who have adopted or abandoned pets because of Covid-19


EDGEWATER, MD., July 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – During the most difficult times of Covid-19, many people lost their jobs and homes, could no longer keep their pets, and had to turn them over to animal shelters. At the same time, thousands of people were working from home and looking for companionship and adopted pets in these shelters. Now there is a free website to connect the previous and current owners of these animals online to give them peace of mind and it is at

The creation of the free site was the idea and the humanitarian project of Connie Bekavac, who has always adopted older pets and wondered if the previous pet owner wanted to know what happened to his pet. Former and former pet owners who log on to this website can give themselves peace of mind about their pets and mend broken hearts. The pets included on the website are dogs, cats, horses and birds. The website serves the whole country.

“With our website, it’s so easy to connect the parties. It relieves former owners to know that their beloved pet is in a happy home. And it gives new pet owners a chance to educate themselves. about any medical issues and other information about their new pet, ”Bekavac explained.

The site user simply creates an account that only requires their first name and email address. They then enter a profile of a pet including all the information they have about the animal and a photo. The website also includes pet resources, pet adoption, pet services, and an informational blog. The site is free but donations are accepted and the profits are donated to relief groups.

Pet Parents Place is also available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

About Pet Parents Place: Pet Parents Place (P3) is a SARL based in Waterside, MD. Founded in 2013, P3’s goal is to connect ad-free online pet parents for free with pet parents who have lost or had to abandon their pets with people who have them. adopted. The website serves the whole country.

Connie Bekavac
PHONE: 703-851-7140
E-MAIL: [email protected]

SOURCE Pet Parents Place, LLC

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