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The Association of Jewish Communities of the Gulf (AGJC), the interpersonal network of Jewish communities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries that are developing Jewish life in the region, has launched the region’s first Jewish dating site with the goal of matching local Jewish singles.

The JSG platform, which stands for “Jewish Singles in the Gulf,” debuts with a website where participants are encouraged to complete a quiz, and then a group of matchmakers recommend matches.

“As our communities across the GCC have experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years, we have seen more and more singles settling here with an interest in establishing more permanent roots in the region,” said AGJC President Ebrahim Dawood Nonoo. “By helping these singles find their spouse in the GCC, they are more likely to marry and start their families here, which in turn develops Jewish community life and the need for more Jewish institutions like schools, kosher food, etc.

“The buzz around JSG has reverberated around the world and in the weeks leading up to the platform’s launch we have piqued the interest of dozens of singles in the region,” Rabbi AGJC said, Dr Elie Abadie. “We are starting with a website and hope to expand it into singles events and programs very soon. It is so important for us to work with singles living in our area to help them find relationships with other Jews.

Those who wish to register for the platform can visit

The Association of Jewish Communities in the Gulf (AGJC) is the umbrella organization of Jewish communities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries that build and improve Jewish life in the region. While each community is independent, they share a common goal and vision: for Jewish life to flourish in the Gulf for the benefit of residents and visitors. The AGJC oversees programming and services such as the Beth Din of Arabia, the Arabian Kosher Certification Agency, Life Cycle Events, and other community programs. For more information, visit

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