Egyptian start-up Wuilt raises $ 535,000 in funding round for Arabic website builder


Most businesses need to adopt some form of online presence to remain competitive during the Covid-19 pandemic. Developing a website is quite easy nowadays due to the presence of website builders and plenty of online tools that allow you to complete the task within minutes. Egyptian website builder Wuilt plans to capitalize on the adoption of digital and internet technologies by focusing on the large number of Arabic speakers and online Arab businesses.

Wuilt is founded by Ahmed Rostom, Mahmoud Metwaly, and Mohamed hegazy to help those with little construction knowledge to create and manage their websites in Arabic. The startup operates an online website builder launched in 2019 and operates as a SaaS platform. According to their website, you can build a site in 5 minutes. The company announced a $ 535,000 increase in seed funding from the UK MENA Technology Fund, Saudi Arabia’s Daal VC, angel investors and Flat6Labs Cairo who provided follow-on funding.

According to Menabytes, Wuilt will start at $ 5 per month, then slowly increase to $ 15. All platform users benefit from a 14-day trial period. The platform serves 30,000 free and paid users in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The funding will fuel its plans to launch an e-commerce activation platform that helps users build online stores and expand its presence in Saudi Arabia, which accounts for 30% of its customers.

It is not easy to find an Arabic website builder. First, the convergence of technologies in both developer languages ​​and spoken languages ​​is very complex. At design time, the programming world needed the right language standards when developing code, which means the default settings are in English. Second, the Internet is somewhat adapted to favor those who speak English. Most of the markets during the early adoption of the Internet were English speaking, hence the content and web tools created. Arabic is now the fourth most spoken language in the world, hence the need to develop a website to adapt the content to the local Arabic language.


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