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The fastest growing automotive news website of 2021, DaxStreet is set to earn the accolades of its name once again. Since its acquisition and rebirth by entertainment news media network, Otakukart, DaxStreet has achieved many milestones and accolades in a short time. The website’s last significant breakthrough came when it was recently nominated for the ‘Best Car Review Website’ award. The website is in line to win the coveted prize along with some of the biggest names in the automotive news media space.

DaxStreet has been able to pique the interest of readers and car enthusiasts by hitting the niche with its comprehensive approach to reports, analysis, comparisons and reviews. The website has a talented team of writers who are expert and up-to-date on the latest happenings and major news in the automotive world. With a particular focus on the automotive world, the website has published top-quality, unbiased reporting and analysis on the minute details and huge developments in the automotive news niche.

Sohel Moldharia, CEO of parent media network, Otakukart, recently spoke about the nomination and the multiple awards won by the website. “Being nominated for the Best Car Review award is a great honor as well as ensuring that we have become a leading voice in the automotive news world.” He also added that the website is waiting for more awards and recognitions in the future and they all reflect the tremendous growth the website has seen over the past few months.

Among the great strides that the website has made in recent times, it is also branching out into the offline realm and into various other businesses. It recently opened its first office in Surat, Gujarat with plans to increase the number of physical spaces in the near future. In a series of new steps taken by the company to expand its reach, it also recently hired the head of its Indian team.

DaxStreet also won two major awards for its rapid growth as well as its quality reporting on all things cars and automobiles. With its plans to venture into magazine publishing and increase target areas, DaxStreet is poised to tap into new avenues in the world of automotive news and automotive media networks. “From cars to bikes and heavy automobiles, our goal at DaxStreet is to provide audiences with the highest quality content and news on all fronts. We will continue to strive for excellence and tackle the difficult terrain that space,” Moldharia added.

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