Datamatics Global Services: Tips to Improve Your Website Design in 2022


Web design is responsible for almost 95% of a user’s first impression. For a business website, a great design can help you improve sales figures as well as improve the overall user experience. It is therefore essential to incorporate a modern web design into your website so that you do not miss out on tech-savvy customers who are always looking for better user experiences. In this blog, we will discuss a few ways to improve your website design.

Grid design

Website grids will play a key role in 2022 as an asymmetrical layout that is likely to become more popular. 2D Grid Layout Design is a CSS grid layout for Cascading Style Sheet and coding language that describes the layout of an HTML site page.

Increased focus on UX/UI

Your website user experience should be engaging, simple yet attractive, smooth and uninterrupted. This facilitates fast page loading, small footprint, flexibility, etc. For a clean design that helps users navigate seamlessly, a thorough knowledge of web design is key.

White spaces

White space is an essential part of the design that helps you break up the page and increase readability. Also known as “negative space,” white space refers to areas around elements on a page that are empty and devoid of content or visuals. Adding white space means more user interaction, the page looks better, and you can highlight your CTAs more easily if you have enough white space to go around.

Simplified navigation

Whenever a user comes to your website, they always expect a simple navigation and organization structure to navigate around the site and purchase the item they are looking for. If they encounter complicated navigation, they will flee your website. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

Full Page Headers

Modern web design requires full page headers for any website design. Dedicated web designers can help you implement header variations by adding a call-to-action button. Eye-catching CTA text on the left and attractive images on the right make for an effective CTA layout. CTA buttons are the main clicks for websites and are marked to inform users of exact navigation. It adds a new experience and accessible contact details to rent the resources or services directly from the website.

Playful cursors

Modern websites offer feature sliders that put together web pages with a new experience. Running active cursors on your website is as easy as changing the shape of the cursor. For brand new feature, latest design with better experience for complex structure will help you direct cursor triggered animations. Either way, your website users will love the effect and engage more with the unique sliders.


Web design or website accessibility involves the design and development of websites that have disabled

users can easily operate. Here are some examples of how to make your website accessible to people with disabilities:

  • Use contrasting colors: People with visual impairments may find it difficult to determine text from a less contractual background.

  • Use more than one color: Websites are for users, and to get them to communicate with visual cues, you should use text labels for visual challenges. Website information should be easy to recognize using contrasting colors.

  • Keyboard navigation support: Users with disabilities often rely on a keyboard for information and content navigation. For example, by using the “Tab” button on a keyboard, you can “scroll” through interactive content such as text fields and links.


Getting your business seen isn’t as simple as developing a website and leaving it in a competitive era. To serve customers with the best possible experience, any website needs continuous optimizations and modifications according to the latest trends and industry requirements. There are different ways to improve web design depending on your business needs. To better understand your website design, contact the website development company.


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