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Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) will go live on Tuesday, November 16 with a newly designed website, providing a more user-friendly experience for CMH patients and employees.

“We wanted to tell the story of the unique patient experience offered by CMH, exemplified by the organization’s person-centered approach to care and Planetree Gold certification,” said Nancee Long, CMH communications director. . “It was also imperative to make it easier for healthcare consumers to perform essential tasks such as finding suppliers, locations, services and jobs.”

The new website offers many improved options:

• Location Awareness: CMH locations are highlighted on a user-friendly locations page. Healthcare consumers can quickly sort by type of location, city, or services offered. Sites can also be filtered based on a searcher’s location or preferred zip code.

• The leading supplier directory is designed to be easy to use on mobile with detailed filtering options that can be activated with just a touch. Locations can also be filtered based on a finder’s location or preferred postal code.

• A smart search tool automatically suggests services, providers and locations as someone types in the search box. The services are tagged with keywords and synonyms for easy discovery. Real-life examples include a user searching for “heart” and seeing results for “cardiology”, “cardiac rehabilitation” and “emergency room”.

• Interesting health education content: The new site includes Coffey’s health information library and electronic newsletters, which offer interesting health news, interactive videos and infographics, assessments, quizzes and calculators.

Check out the new features and see photos of familiar caregivers at

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