City of Hemingway Unveils New, Updated Website Displaying Vital Information for the City | Kingtree News


The City of Hemingway has unveiled a new, revamped website that now displays vital information for residents.

New website features information about city services like sanitation and drinking water, information about city government, and a tab for businesses to apply for grants and necessary permits.

“A website does a lot of different things. It really is a central location where you can get all the information you might need, as far as local government is concerned. Our goal with our website is for it to be the gateway to information,” said city administrator William Freeman. “It’s a one-stop-shop where you can find information, whether it’s your water bill, upcoming events, important notifications coming through the pipeline. It’s the fastest way to So having a website that is easy to manage and fairly easy to use is an important tool for any municipality.

A big change from the old website is the new “businesses” tab. Under the tab, businesses can apply for grants and see what forms and applications need to be completed for permits. Forms can be downloaded directly from the website.

Freeman wanted to give former city administrator Kerri Kellahan a lot of credit for her work and vision, and that of her team. Freeman said he came right at the end.

Freeman also said the process took a little longer than they would have liked. Freeman said there were issues with naming the site and redirecting people from the old to the new. “It was totally worth it,” Freeman said.

On the new website homepage, you’ll see alerts about office hours and closures, a way to contact government officials, a way to sign up for city notifications and upcoming events in the city.

Freeman said that with anything on the internet, noticing that you have an outdated website is a key first step.

“It’s only going to get bigger and better,” Freeman said.


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