City launches new website to serve as public forum | Local


Columbia residents will now have an official site for all things CoMo.

In a press release on Tuesday, the city announced the launch of BeHeardCoMoa new website that aims to serve as an easy-to-use platform for Columbia residents to ask questions, voice their opinions, and stay up to date on the city’s latest projects.

The website also allows for more transparency within the city. Instead of having to dig through public records or take the time to go to public meetings, residents can find a plethora of information in one place.

“BeHeardCoMo gives us another way for residents and city staff to share ideas, understand different points of view, and make decisions that move our community forward,” City Manager De’Carlon Seewood said in the statement. Press.

A investigation is available on the site, the results of which will help the city decide which projects to publish on the site in the future.

Three projects are currently posted on the site: the site itself, upgrades to the McBaine water treatment plant, and a question forum for Seewood.

On the pages of the projects the city is working on, users can expect to find:

  • the ultimate goal of the project,
  • a list of improvements the project seeks to make,
  • submission form for questions,
  • FAQs,
  • names and contact information of City of Columbia employees overseeing the projects,
  • and videos.

Currently, the site is open to everyone. However, according to the website Terms of use, account registration may be required in the future to access certain information, leave comments and ask questions. Once registered, users can create a profile and subscribe to various projects.


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