Calling all “mergers”! New US Fusion Energy Website Launched


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The U.S. Fusion Outreach Team, a local fusion community organization focused on reducing barriers to outreach efforts, has launched a new centralized website to engage a workforce, media, educators and the expanding audience on the journey to a world fueled by fusion energy. .

The U.S. fusion community has just completed a two-year strategic planning process to focus on a bold new direction: building a prototype fusion power plant by 2035 (NAS report). Following a recommendation from the consensus reports created by the researchers (Community Planning Process and Powering the Future reports), a diverse committee of stakeholders from the U.S. fusion energy community collaborated to create The website will feature the latest fusion news and informative articles, events and resources that will help anyone, anywhere, understand the promise of fusion energy.

The timing of this website’s launch couldn’t be more relevant. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, is underway in Glasgow as world leaders decide how to tackle climate change. In addition, the US Congress is currently debating the country’s transition policy to clean energy. The development of fusion energy as a new source of energy will be revolutionary for both initiatives.

In addition, fusion energy is gaining momentum in the United States and around the world. California’s National Ignition Facility announced a major step forward in laser fusion last August. Additionally, Commonwealth Fusion Systems in Massachusetts recently made a leap forward in magnet fusion technology. Globally, the international ITER project in France is making steady progress with the first plasma scheduled for 2025.

With advancements like this, there has never been a better time to get involved in fusion energy! The United States is full of private companies looking to commercialize fusion, and the industry will need talent from all walks of life. To respond to the present moment, the new website,, is prioritizing jobs and opportunities across the United States to broaden the definition of “Fusioneer”, one who is involved in the energy community of fusion.

Steffi Diem and Arturo Dominguez, co-leaders of the US Fusion Outreach team, are coordinating this effort. “We are delighted to launch the US Fusion Energy website to provide up-to-date resources and news on our field,” said Dominguez. Diem also added, “We hope this website inspires the public to be a part of the merger movement, recruit a diverse workforce, and provide community for US merger. “

The new Fusion Energy website is for those working for a clean energy future and willing to support this effort. To learn more, visit

Researchers report research findings on argon fluoride laser fusion

Provided by the American Physical Society

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