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JACKSONVILLE, Florida, August 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bluehost, a trusted web host specializing in WordPress, today announces the launch of the Bluehost website builder, a smart design editor for WordPress. Website Builder is a one-of-a-kind tool that simplifies the website building process while retaining the full power of WordPress. The launch of this product reinforces Bluehost’s commitment to developing accessible WordPress solutions for any type of website.

Regardless of the website experience, users can create stunning websites in 25% less time than traditional authoring tools.

The Bluehost Website Builder removes the barriers to website building with a solution that effortlessly guides users through the design process to launch a fully functional WordPress website. Designed to evolve with changing customer needs, Bluehost Website Builder does not lock users into a single platform or builder experience. In addition to freely navigating between Builder Dashboard and WP Admin, Bluehost Website Builder comes with “Mix Mode” which allows users to leverage all of the design features of WordPress Gutenberg Editor with any what web page they are editing.

“Creativity has no boundaries, and neither does your website, so we set out to create a website building experience by leveraging the robust functionality of WordPress,” said Paula Drum, Marketing Director at Newfold Digital. “We know that many customers are beyond the capabilities of traditional drag-and-drop website builders and need to move to a more flexible platform like WordPress. Bluehost Website Builder gives users complete design freedom with all tools and tools. features you would expect. WordPress without the traditional limitations of website builders so users can build their websites with maximum flexibility from the start. “

Bluehost Website Builder was designed with the user in mind so that regardless of website experience, users can create stunning websites in 25% less time * than traditional authoring tools. With recommended templates for specific website types and use cases, Website Builder’s intelligent AI guides users in designing a professional website while simultaneously optimizing it for any screen – mobile, desktop or tablet. The tool also instantly prevents and corrects user design errors, so new WordPress users can create with confidence.

Whether building a portfolio or a small business site, Website Builder includes awesome features to suit all skill levels and needs.

– Drag and drop editing

– Live editing

– Mobile edition

– Image repository

– Over 300 smart quick start templates

– Mobile ready templates

– Protection against design errors

– Full access to WordPress

– Custom CSS

Bluehost Website Builder is the latest innovation from the brand that takes advantage of the robust functionality of WordPress. In addition to making WordPress more accessible to all experience levels, Bluehost Website Builder is designed to stand the test of time. As WordPress continues to grow and evolve, Bluehost Website Builder will remain closely aligned with the advancements in Gutenberg page editing. This unique approach to WordPress continuous integration means that users’ websites will retain their ability to benefit from core WordPress updates without the need to deconstruct or rework major components of their website.

“We’re excited to introduce a new Bluehost product that allows new users to build on WordPress, which powers over 42% of the web,” said Nicolas rasmussen, Director of WordPress Business Development at Newfold Digital. “Bluehost has been contributing to both WordPress software development and the community since 2012. We are excited about the future of Gutenberg and will continue to help move the project forward.

More information on Website Builder, including additional product specifications and packaging details, can be found at

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Bluehost is the leading provider of web hosting solutions specializing in WordPress. Since its founding in 2003, Bluehost has received the trust of millions of people as it makes it easy to create, grow and manage successful WordPress websites. Bluehost offers a suite of WordPress solutions designed with the perfect blend of tips, tools, and expertise to build a professional website. Bluehost is part of the Newfold Digital family of brands. For more information on Bluehost, visit

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* Based on average 7,000 customer days to publish a website using Website Builder vs. WordPress.

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