Best website builder for musicians in 2021


The best musicians website builder will not only make it easy to showcase your band, but most of all showcase your music and songlists.

Best Musician Website Builders

A plethora of different services will now allow you to get a website live, quickly and easily, with no coding skills required – but if you’re looking for something to show off your musical talents, you need a more specific feature set. .

Mainly a way to upload and share your songs in an easy and secure way, even if they are just song snippets rather than whole songs or even albums.

If you are a musician for hire, it may be helpful to set up some sort of reservation system, or at least a contact form. On top of that, there are all the extras you might be interested in, like supporting your own domain name or gallery pages to show how many people came to your last gig.

Here are our picks for the best website builder for musicians to build an online presence.

The 3 best website building services

2. Gator is a great website builder service
Gator Site Builder from Hostgator offers an extremely inexpensive starter package that includes free hosting and an included domain name, as well as a free SSL certificate. You also get constantly available customer support and the benefit of website analytics to boot: all at a 55% discount, which means you only pay $ 3.46 per month.See the offer

3. Zyro – a serious and high quality site builder
Zyro, owned by Hostinger, offers a very easy to use website builder that is great for first-timers, allowing anyone to build their site quickly. You will also pay very little for this privilege and even the premium “Unleashed” package costs only $ 3.90 per month.


Bandzoogle (Image credit: Avenir)

1. Bandzoogle

Website builder designed specifically for musicians

Reasons to buy

+Sell ​​music, tickets and merch+Connect all your social accounts

Reasons to avoid

Not the most flexible theme editor

You won’t find too many website building services aimed specifically at musicians, but Bandzoogle happily jumps in to provide a bespoke service specifically for bands and artists. While it lacks a bit of the big name polish, as it focuses on the musicians niche in particular, it has everything you need.

This includes, of course, the ability to upload your own tracks and allow visitors to stream them from your website. You can organize tracks into whole albums if you really want to hit town, or just share (or even sell) unique tracks. And then, on top of that, you have some easy ways to post concert dates, blog updates, and more.

Whether you need to create a contact form or a video diary, Bandzoogle makes it easy, no coding required – you can really make a site as simple or as complex as you want, and the end result is something that looks like to what you have hired a specialist.

There are over 100 themes to choose from (there’s even one for crowdfunding), they’re all simple to edit and edit, and signing in to social accounts (including SoundCloud and Bandcamp) takes just a few. clicks. . As an added bonus, you can also sell fan subscriptions, merchandise, and tickets directly through Bandzoogle.

All of this makes Bandzoogle the best website builder for musicians in our opinion.

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Wix (Image credit: Avenir)

2. Wix

An excellent choice whatever the site

Reasons to buy

+Upload your own music and videos+Supports many music plugins

Reasons to avoid

Can get expensive on higher levels

Check out any list of website builders for any purpose and Wix is likely to be there, but not only does this service earn this high reputation, it also has useful tools for musicians – including the ability to upload your own songs so that your website visitors can listen to them without additional software. or browser extensions.

Platforms you probably already use, like Bandsintown and Songkick, can connect directly to your Wix site: you can set up such integrations with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can add an eCommerce portal to your site, for the purpose of moving albums, T-shirts, or whatever else you need to sell.

Wix has a very good selection of models, with over 500 models to choose from, and if you dive into the music section, you’ll find that there are options for solo artists, bands, DJs, producers or anyone else connected to the industry. Click on these templates to see the type of sites that can be created.

After that, you have all of the features that Wix has become known for: an easy-to-use site editor whether or not you know what CSS means, support for custom domain names, easy blogging, and easy-to-use blogging. Simple social media support, and a free tier that lets you determine if Wix is ​​right for you before you part with the money.

Overall, Wix offers a great website builder, and in particular a website builder for musicians.

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Music glue (Image credit: Avenir)

3. Musical glue

Merchandise, tickets and more

Reasons to buy

+Professional and effortless e-commerce+Used by some of the big names

Reasons to avoid

Not so strong on building the site

Music glue is a little different from the other website building services we’ve featured here: it focuses first and foremost on the merchandise and ticketing aspects of the music industry, and indeed powers the online stores of some of the biggest names in the industry. Its pricing system is also unusual, taking a 10% discount from anything you sell rather than a lump sum.

At least that means you won’t lose your pocket if your online market doesn’t get a lot of attention to begin with. There is no additional charge for processing payments and customers can use debit or credit cards or PayPal.

Music Glue is less impressive on the website building side, although you get the basics – a choice of themes for the site attached to your online store, the ability to bring your own custom domain name, tools for tweaking the code and layout of your site, etc. It is possible to connect social media accounts and even create a mailing list.

If your priority is to sell music and tickets to your audience then Music Glue is a good bet and has some very famous customers in its books as we mentioned. If you really don’t have anything to sell right now and want to spend more time playing around with a site’s design and layout, then maybe look elsewhere.


Difymusic (Image credit: Avenir)

4. Difyd2c

Focus on the music

Reasons to buy

+One of the best for simple setup+Add social channels in a few clicks

Reasons to avoid

Set of basic themes and editing options

french site Difyd2c isn’t the best-known website builder for musicians, and it doesn’t have the same range of tools and features that some of the big names have – but where it really makes sense is to get your music online quickly and easily.

If you’d rather just get your stuff done quickly with a few images and links, rather than spending hours picking a theme and editing HTML code, Difymusic could be for you. It relies on plugins – like Spotify or SoundCloud to bring your music up, for example – but it supports a huge number of them, so you’re bound to find something that works.

If you want to sell products and tickets, you can pay to add it to your main site, with a one-time setup fee of € 9.99 (around £ 9 or $ 12) and then a 5% commission based on sales, but the basics are free. Connect your Facebook page and YouTube channel and you are ready to go in minutes.

Granted, the choice of models and editing options isn’t very extensive, but the designs you can play with are pretty decent and certainly won’t put anyone off your music. Difyd2c allows you to get started quickly and grow according to your needs.


Tumblr (Image credit: Avenir)

5. Tumblr

Blog with extras

Reasons to buy

+Very simple and intuitive+Free use (some paid extras)

Reasons to avoid

No full site editor

Tumblr isn’t a website builder in the conventional sense – it’s more of a half blogging, half social media platform – but if you take a closer look at what Tumblr has to offer, it’s in fact very attractive to musicians. On the one hand, its use is completely free and it is already attracting a very active creative community.

You can post up to a 10MB MP3 file per day, along with links, text messages, videos, photos, and more. These MP3s appear as streaming files for your site visitors – they can listen to the tracks in their browser, no plugins or additional software required, so it’s a great way to show off your skills without paying anything.

If Tumblr were just a blogging platform and that was it, we probably wouldn’t recommend the service, but it also supports pages next to your blog (for a gallery or contact form), custom domain names (so you can pay extra for whatever URL name you like) and publishing from mobile apps as well.

On top of all that, there are tons of themes to choose from, some of which cost money, but many are free, and many would be suitable for a musician’s portfolio. If the theme isn’t exactly right for you, you can change it with the built-in options or your own CSS, and switching between themes whenever you want is also straightforward.


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