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  • Website builder software for Windows is the best option for developers with less experience but a lot of creativity.
  • Adobe’s tool can be used as offline website builder software for Windows 10, which means you don’t need to be connected to the internet to edit your website.
  • Microsoft doesn’t include website builder software, but you can use any of the tools listed below to build the website and then integrate it with Office 365.
  • When choosing the best website builder, you should look for one that has plenty of themes and designs, like Webbly and others from our top picks.

Website builder

The website builder software for Windows allows you to create and design websites. If you are a beginner, these programs provide the tools you will need to set up the website.

Some web developers could probably design a basic website by typing HTML code into a text editor and then uploading the files to an ISP site host with an FTP program.

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Although online web design apps are becoming more and more popular, there are still plenty of free offline web builder software for Windows.

There are two types of website builder software for Windows:

  • HTML editors with which you can manually enter HTML code and select tag options from their toolbars and menus.
  • WYSIWYG editors (what you see is what you get) are website builders that you can design sites with by dragging and dropping webpage elements onto pages without entering any HTML code.

These are the 5 website builder software for Windows 10.

Adobe Indesign website builder

Adobe Dreamweaver is the perfect all-in-one choice for building a website with an intuitive display suitable for every device.

You can have a website with easy and flexible coding medium that supports web standards like Java, CSS, HTML, etc.

It’s no surprise that creating with such a responsive tool allows you to rank in the top positions of Google SERP, as this tool is SEO optimized.

We think this is an important criterion to take into account first when you want to develop something concrete.

Adobe Dreamweaver has some of the best design templates, Fluid grid layouts. It will be easy for you to visually create the pages because Adobe has also improved their design workflow.

This tool gives you the ultimate experience to develop modern visual graphics in a single software environment.

Let’s take a quick look at his main characteristics:

  • Large pool of built-in templates for authoring HTML emails, About pages, blogs, eCommerce pages, etc.
  • Adobe is included in Creative Cloud where you can search Adobe Stock assets to improve your website design.
  • Live view feature to preview your edits immediately, whether it’s editing the text or editing the image.
  • Free trial available to test its excellent capabilities
Adobe dreamweaver

Adobe dreamweaver

Experience fast and flexible coding with visual aids to create stunning websites!

Easily create the website of your dreams in minutes with Webnode. Building your own personal website has never been easier, and it feels like playing with blocks.

Put each part of the user interface together as you like and make your vision come true with the help of many features.

There are many designs to choose from to make you stand out from the crown. Uniqueness is key when it comes to Webnode

Additionally, you can set up online stores, where you can sell your products and give presentations to them, including descriptions, images, and more.

Here are some of the Webnodes main characteristics:

  • Great domain names
  • Full customization
  • Mailbox to communicate with your customers
  • Customer service


Stand out with your unique website with Webnode, one of the best website builders.

Bitrix24 is a software service developed to provide businesses with a full range of teamwork and social networking facilities. The service is primarily intended for small and medium-sized businesses.

It includes tools that greatly facilitate team communication and project management, as well as tools for task management, document sharing and time tracking.

An interesting feature about this is that up to a certain level of use it is even free to try. That means you can get it and see if it goes well with your work environment before investing in a full-time membership.

Of course, your customers are important too, and Bitrix has plenty of monitoring solutions that will drive sales and allow you to better reach your target audience.

More so, the integrated site builder will make your products interesting to watch, adding yet another reason for your customers to choose you over the competition.

Let’s take a quick look at his main characteristics:

  • Free hosting for websites
  • Easy-to-use visual editor that requires no HTML coding skills
  • Huge pool of website templates to get you started
  • Integration of CRM and eCommerce platform for a large scale web solution
  • Domain name (completely free)


Reinvent team communication, project management and site building – all in one app!

go dad website builder logo

GoDaddy Inc. is one of the world’s largest web services companies. It offers a wide range of services ranging from web hosting to website builders.

It will give you an improved site building experience. Also, it has amazing Black Friday deals and discounts starting at $ 0.99 per month for a domain name.

Let’s take a quick look at his main characteristics:

  • Professional imagery – add your personal or Go Daddy’s images from the library
  • Swipe-to-style interface – easy to create and update your site design
  • Personalize every part of your website pages using templates
  • Professionally designed styles and beautifully coordinated color sets
  • Configuration to start an online store
  • Inventory manager – add up to 500 products
  • Support for credit cards
  • Blog creation without plug-ins
Come on daddy

Come on daddy

Expert hosting, superior performance and faster load times – get all of this and more with GoDaddy!

Square space

Squarespace provides an end-to-end solution for website building and more.

It includes everything from beautifully designed built-in templates to get you started, a one-year free custom domain name, and very versatile CMS website builder tools.

Speaking of versatility, you can personalize your website with text, fonts, a color scheme, and countless photo options.

There’s even a logo maker included to help you design your own unique logo as well as social media and email marketing tools to help propel your website into the limelight.

Let’s take a quick look at his main characteristics:

  • Wide range of models for each sector
  • Integrated business platform
  • Integrated logo creation solution
  • CMS website builder tools with fully customizable settings
  • Support for browser extensions to further refine your settings
  • Over 150 layouts, designer filters, fonts, stickers and more
  • Online planning functionality available

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weebly homepage

Building a website isn’t fun – or is it really? In fact, it’s as easy as a snap to do it with Weebly. Plus, it’s completely free.

Weebly provides access to customizable web page designs and all the tools you need to easily build your website for free. Plus, you’ll enjoy additional perks like getting started guides and planning tools.

Fully customizable website builder, ecommerce and marketing tools, step by step advice and more bonus options is what you can expect from this amazing app.

Let’s take a quick look at his main characteristics:

  • Professional looking website themes and more design features to choose from
  • Custom domains and a full suite of SEO tools
  • Flexible drag-and-drop blog creation to showcase content
  • Free hosting infrastructure and fast load times
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications
  • Integrated e-commerce, themes and branding tools
  • Statistical tools to better understand and monitor performance

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There are plenty of website builders out there, but only a few manage to stand out as viable choices for professionals. If you are considering investing in a website builder, you might as well get your money’s worth.

What did you think of the above software? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us by accessing the comments section below.

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